Anyone over the age of 6 can become a student of the Kokomo Fire Dragons!  All the classes are free, but we do ask that you put out hard work and effort!  Being a student will gain you confidence and knowledge to defend yourself, it's a great workout, and its a bonding experience for you, family, and other students.


Want your child to learn discipline, self control, self respect, to defend themselves?  Get them enrolled as a student at the Kokomo Fire Dragons!  And why stop there, enroll yourself and get a great workout while bonding with your child.  Parents become friends as the Fire Dragons are a FAMILY and everyone is encouraged to participate in the activities in and out of the dojo.



Do you want to help the youth of the community? You can do so by giving the the opportunity to participate in martial arts at no cost to them!  All the classes at the Kokomo Fire Dragons are Free, but we do need to seek donations and sponsorship to operate.  Please consider donating today or contact us for a sponsorship opportunity!