Kokomo Fire Dragon Inc. is a 501(3)(c) Non-Profit Organization that offers martial arts to the community.  Most of our students are children ages 6 and up, although we encourage adults and parents to join as well.  At Kokomo Fire Dragon, it's a FAMILY and we encourage families to participate together.  

Kokomo Fire Dragon does not charge any student for classes. All of the classes are Free!  Kokomo Fire Dragon operates on donations and fundraising to continue to provide this service to the community.

The students at Kokomo Fire Dragons are also encouraged to participate in the fundraisers.  One of our largest fundraisers is our annual tournament hosted by the school.  The tournament is funded through sponsorship and donations.  Another large fundraiser is the Kick-A-Thon, where students get donations for the 1800-2500 kicks they do in a 2 hour period.

The Kokomo Fire Dragons were owned and operated by Phil and Judy Wade until their passing.  Ms. Wade left the school to be operated by Steven Ables and his wife Becky.

The Kokomo Fire Dragons have been ranked in both National and State PKC (Professional Karate Commission).  Kokomo Fire Dragons have been ranked the top competitive school multiple years and ranked at the 2nd national.